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Originality and Ingenuity

@Our employees are encouraged to make experimental products and to suggest continuous improvements in order that we positively engage in technological enhancement and maintain good and friendly working environment.

Experimental products

@Employees are equipped with high level techniques so as to meet customersf demands in the future. For this in view, we endeavour to work touch materials, which are different from conventional ones, into difficult shapes with a topic in mind.

yCross fitting and seatz
@Lathe work with aluminum tends to be shunned because cuttings get tangled easily. However, a product in the photograph below can be made by making full use of CNC pentagonal lathe.

yTwo-way high-pressure reducerz
@High-pressure reducer is one of our products and we have attempted, as a trial, to cut one into two-way high-pressure reducer as it is shown in the picture. It takes longer for cutting and there is much room for improvements in cutting conditions.

yBearing holderz
@This is a trial product of bearing holder that fixes a shaft. We will challenge to produce machine element parts of the engine department and other products of different spheres as well as fittings in the future.

ySprocket wheelz
@Gear production is so established that specialist gear manufacturers exist in their own field. However, we attempted to carve it with an end mill, without using a professional tool (such as a hob, etc).

Continuous improvements

@Employees are encouraged to speak up unexpected doubts and questions that they harbour every day and we evaluate them regularly.
@We participate in this activity as a group, and any idea or suggestion will be evaluated on the basis of points such as its feasibility and degree of contribution.
@Besides, an outstanding proposer is awarded once a year.

yCuttings protection coverz
@The protection cover is installed in order that those working on the lathe and those around it will not hurt by the cuttings. You can see traces of improvements at every corner of our company.

yImprovements suggestion formz
@Those with suggestions and ideas fill in this form and hand it in. Then, the contents will be rigorously examined.

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